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                              The following script shows how you can call the FOP server from a Visual Basic 6 program:

                              Dim inet
                              Dim xml As String
                              Dim Chunk() As Byte
                              Dim Size As Long
                              Dim Remaining As Long

                              'Create instance of object
                              Set inet = CreateObject("InetCtls.Inet")
                              'Set timeout to say 20 secs
                              inet.RequestTimeout = 20

                              'input XML data
                              xml = "<?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""iso-8859-1""?> <departments><department><departmentName>R&amp;D</departmentName> <person> <name>John Schmidt</name> "
                              xml = xml & "<address>Red street 3</address> <status>A</status> </person> <person> <name>Paul Bones</name> <address>White street 5</address> <status>A</status> "
                              xml = xml & "</person> <person> <name>Mark Mayer</name> <address>Blue street 5</address> <status>A</status> </person> <person> <name>Janet Black</name> "
                              xml = xml & "<address>Black street 8</address> <status>I</status> </person></department><department> <departmentName>Sales</departmentName> <person> "
                              xml = xml & "<name>Juan Gomez</name> <address>Green street 3</address> <status>A</status> </person> <person> <name>Juliet Bones</name> <address>White street 5</address> "
                              xml = xml & " <status>A</status> </person></department></departments>"

                              'Call the FOP Server, passing the name of the template in the URL
                              inet.Execute "http://localhost:8087/J4LFOPServer/servlet?TEMPLATE=departmentEmployees.fo", "post", xml, "Content-Type: text/xml"

                              Do While inet.StillExecuting 

                              ' read output size
                              Size = CLng(inet.GetHeader("Content-Length"))
                              Remaining = Size

                              Dim filename As String
                              Dim fnum As Long

                              filename = "output.pdf"
                              fnum = FreeFile
                              Open filename For Binary Access Write As #fnum
                              ' read all bytes of the http response and save them to a file
                              Do Until Remaining = 0
                                  If Remaining > 1024 Then
                                      Chunk = inet.GetChunk(1024, icByteArray)
                                      Remaining = Remaining - 1024
                                      Chunk = inet.GetChunk(Remaining, icByteArray)
                                      Remaining = 0
                                  End If

                                  Put #fnum, , Chunk

                              Close #fnum