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                              The following script shows how you can call the FOP server from a PHP program:

                              First download the class HTTPPost.php and add it to your project, then use this code to test the server:


                              // input xml data
                              $xml="<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"iso-8859-1\"?> <departments><department><departmentName>R&amp;D</departmentName> <person> <name>John Schmidt</name> ";
                              $xml=$xml . "<address>Red street 3</address> <status>A</status> </person> <person> <name>Paul Bones</name> <address>White street 5</address> <status>A</status> ";
                              $xml=$xml . "</person> <person> <name>Mark Mayer</name> <address>Blue street 5</address> <status>A</status> </person> <person> <name>Janet Black</name> ";
                              $xml=$xml . "<address>Black street 8</address> <status>I</status> </person></department><department> <departmentName>Sales</departmentName> <person> ";
                              $xml=$xml . "<name>Juan Gomez</name> <address>Green street 3</address> <status>A</status> </person> <person> <name>Juliet Bones</name> <address>White street 5</address> ";
                              $xml=$xml . " <status>A</status> </person></department></departments>";

                              // make request to FOP server
                              $httppost=new HTTPPost();

                              // save PDF output to a PDF file
                              $myFile = "testFile.pdf";
                              $fh = fopen($myFile, 'w') or die("can't open file");
                              fwrite($fh, $pdfdata);