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            • Setup in Apex
              Quick setup guideline for the FOP Service in Oracle APEX
              For testing purposes you may use the URL


              The setup is
              1.  make sure the Apex user has connect permissions for the external URL. For this, login to SQLPlus as SYS and run the PL/SQL script below.

                Note the APEX_050100 principal must be changed to match your Apex version.


                      acl =>         'print.xml',
                      description => 'Apex report host list',
                      principal =>   'APEX_050100',
                      is_grant =>    true,
                      privilege =>   'connect'
                      acl =>         'print.xml',
                      principal =>   'APEX_050100',
                      is_grant  =>   true,
                      privilege =>   'resolve'
                      acl =>         'print.xml',
                      host =>        'eval.apex-reports.com',
                      lower_port =>  80,
                      upper_port =>  443
              2. In the Internal Workspace, instance settings -> report printing set the URL as below

              Setting up the secure connection

              If you want to use HTTPS (recommended for production environments) the print settings would be:

              Note the production URL will be a different one as above

              There is however one additional step to be performed. That is, you need add the certificates of the server to your Apex Wallet.

              If you dot not have a wallet yet, you can use the file. The file contains the certificates of the eval.apex-report.com host. You must unzip the file and add the reference to the unzipped directory in Apex as below (the password of the wallet we provide is apex12345 )

              If you already have an Apex Wallet you can download the 2 certificates from our server using any web browser. Connect to the host and click on the lock icon to view and download the certificates in Base64 format.

              once you have the 2 files, add them to your existing wallet with the commands:

                  orapki wallet add -wallet <your_wallet_directory>  -cert ApexReportsRoot.cer -trusted_cert -pwd <your_wallet_password>
                  orapki wallet add -wallet <your_wallet_directory> -cert ApexReportsCA.cer -trusted_cert -pwd <your_wallet_password>

              Use this command to display the content of your wallet:

                  orapki wallet display -wallet <your_wallet_directory> 

              Warning: If you use Oracle 11g r2 ( or earlier, it will not work with the certificates, only version and later support strong certificates based on SHA-2