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              Premium features of J4L Saas FOP Server

              These are:

              • Encrypted data transmission.
              • PDF protection. You can protect sensitive data (e.g. a price list) by requiring a password or by avoiding copy/paste or printing.
              • Excel (xlsx) output generation.
              • TTF font pack (PDF only supports 4 fonts as default).
              • Error reports per email.
              • Generated PDF reports can be sent per email (configured in the designer).
              • Generated PDF reports can be digitally signed (configured in the designer).
              • All 2D Barcodes included (QRCode, Datamatrix, Azteccode, PDF417 and Maxicode).
              • Report execution analysis.
              • Always get the newest features and the last FO Designer.

              TTF Font pack

              Adobe PDF only supports 4 built-in fonts, which are Helvetica , Times , Courier, Symbol and ZapfDingbats.

              If you need other fonts you have to use external fonts (TTF files) that will be embedded in the PDF. This has to be done both in the design environment and in the FOP Server.

              For our Saas FOP server customers we have created a pack of over 60 fonts that can be used straight away (click here to see the list).

              More can be added on demand.

              Error reports

              A very common problem that occurs in Oracle Apex is that the print server returns an empty or corrupted PDF. The main cause for this is an error in the execution of the report template or an incorrect XML file.

              In order to better identify the problem our Saas FOP Server will create a PDF report in case of error that will be displayed either in the browser or sent to you per email together with the report template and the XML data,