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                                Subversion and the FO Designer

                                This document describes how to setup Subversion on windows. Subversion is a source code management system which can be used as central repository for your FO Designer projects.This means you can share your projects with other users. At the same time Subversion provides also version management.

                                The steps to follow are:

                                1. Download and install Subversion for windows


                                  run the msi file.

                                2. After the installation create the repository "svnrepos" with these windows command:

                                  svnadmin create /svnrepos

                                3. Within that newly created folder c:/svnrepos uncomment the following lines in the conf/svnserve.conf file by removing the pound character from the start of each line

                                  anon-access = none
                                  auth-access = write
                                  password-db = passwd


                                4. Next, add some users to the conf/passwd file. For example we create here a user called ADMIN:

                                  ADMIN = ADMINPSW

                                5. Install the windows service as follows. Open a command window as administrator and run:

                                  cd c:\Program Files\Subversion\bin\
                                  sc create svnserve binpath= "svnserve.exe --service -r c:\svnrepos" displayname= "Subversion Server" depend= Tcpip start= auto

                                6. Start the server with the command:

                                  net start svnserve

                                  The Subversion protocol runs on TCP port 3690, so make sure your Firewall does not block that port.

                                7. Install the SVN plugin in the FO Designer (see user guide)

                                8. After the plugin installation in the Windows-->SVN perspective, select:

                                9. Add the URL to your SVN server. In this case we have the server and the designer on the same computer, therefore we use localhost:

                                10. Now in the designer open the "Designer perspective", select one of your projects and "share" it. This will add your project to the central SVN server:

                                11. The first time the system will ask you to select the repository and enter the credentials. In this case we use the user ADMIN however you should have a separate user created for each developer (not the administrator)

                                12. Next add every single file of your project to the repository using the commit item:

                                13. Other developers can now see your project in the repository (in their "SVN perspective" in the Designer)  and use the checkout option to get a copy of it

                                  like this: