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                                As XML is becoming a standard way for representing and exchanging information, the need to convert this information to a user friendly PDF file also increases. XSL-FO  is a standard for converting XML to PDF and other output formats. Apache FOP is an open source product that can execute XSL-FO file.

                                J4L FO Designer is a WYSIWYG like editor (what you see is what you get)  to create XSL-FO files to be used with Apache FOP. These files are used to convert XML documents to PDF files (and other formats). The benefits of FO Designer are:

                                • No need to learn XSL-FO.
                                • Easy to use and learn.
                                • Increased productivity througth integrated design and test environment.
                                • We have extended XSL-FO to support interactive PDF forms (Designer 1.5 or later)
                                • Versioning system and team work enviroment

                                Possible use cases are

                                Some features are:

                                A good starting point is the learn by doing tutorial in our user guide.