Home Page FO Designer user guide. XSL-FO tool for Oracle APEX and the Java[TM] platform
                                                    FO Designer guide
                                                  • First steps
                                                  • Introduction
                                                  • The user interface
                                                  • Working with the interface
                                                  • Structure of the template
                                                  • Executing the template to create PDF files
                                                  • Learn by doing
                                                  • The invoice IDOC example
                                                  • The Group by example
                                                  • The two columns example
                                                  • Barcodes
                                                  • Charts
                                                  • The running totals example
                                                  • Interactive forms
                                                  • Flavours
                                                  • The base template
                                                  • Long texts and HTML fields
                                                  • The memo field explained
                                                  • Advanced functionalities
                                                  • FOP Could Server
                                                  • Migration of existing XSL-FO files
                                                  • FAQS
                                                  • Troubleshooting
                                                  • Licenses
                                                  • Licenses

                                                    23. Third party licenses

                                                    This product is based on the Ecilpse platform (all associated products are based on the Eclipse Public License https://www.eclipse.org/legal/epl-v10.html) and uses as runtime module the Apache FOP artifacts ( http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/license.html ), the Bouncy Castle library, the Apache PDBox library, the Apache Jempbox library , the Apache Fontbox library , the Apache Derby database and the iBatis persistence artifacts.

                                                    The Bounce library has an own license type described in the file lib/bounce_license.txt (inside the file plugins/com.java4less.fo2*.jar)

                                                    The lib subdirectory of the delivery (inside the file plugins/com.java4less.fo2*.jar) file contains all jar files together with the respective license and notice files.

                                                    The version with the windows installer also includes the Java Runtime environment in the JRE subdirectory with the respective license information.

                                                    24. Contact

                                                    java4less@confluencia.net if you have any question.