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                            J4L Barcodes for Realbasic & XOJO
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                            Xojo  (former Real Studio) is a cross-platform development environment for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. 

                            We have ported our successful barcoding products to Realbasic. The components are 100% Realbasic classes and therefore portable to all Realbasic platforms. The classes can be used to create image files (for example in a web environment) or as canvas (in a desktop application).

                            The following products are available at this time:

                            • Barcodes 1D ( one dimensional barcodes): EAN13, EAN128, Code128, UPCE, UPCA , Code39 and more.
                            • QRCode
                            • Datamatrix
                            • PDF417 and Macro PDF417
                            • Aztec code
                            • For barcode recognition click here
                            • others , like Maxicode, RSS (GS1 Databar) ... are available on demand.