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                                *** Note: If you find another software which is very similar to ours, read this clarification note. ***

                                In this page you will find the .NET version of our popular barcoding products. They work with NET 1.0 or later (1.1, 2.0, 4.0...) , .NET Compact Framework and support all major 1D barcoding and 2D symbologies.

                                The products have been developed using VBNet and C# and can be used with C# or VBNet. The products include both:

                                • Web Server controls to be used with ASP.NET applications.
                                •  windows forms Controls to be used in windows applications.
                                • and also in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) applications.

                                The barcodes can be:

                                • printed
                                • can be placed directly on a form or can render on a external Graphic object.
                                • easily exported to gif, png, jpg ...

                                The following barcoding symbologies are supported:

                                • 1D Symbologies (Code128, EAN, UPC , Code 39, Post 4 State barcodes, Royal mail.....). Download evaluation version for a complete list.
                                • PDF 417 and Macro PDF 417
                                • Datamatrix (also for GS1)
                                • Aztec Code
                                • Maxicode
                                • QRCode
                                • Micro QRCode
                                • One Code (also kown as US Mail Intelligent Bar Code 65 barcode or USPS 4-state customer barcode)
                                • GS1 Databar (RSS and EAN-UCC Composite)

                                The source code of the components is available in VBNet and/or c# form and prices start at 45 Euros / about 55 USD. Check also our J4L Barcode Suite which includes most popular 1D and 2D barcodes. You can save 50% of the price.