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                            This page provides some guideline about the GS1 barcodes and which one of our components can be used to generate them. 

                            GS1 Datamatrix

                            GS1 DataMatrix is a specific use of  Data Matrix ECC 200 used GS1 data elements like item identification, expiration date, etc.

                            In oder to create a GS1 compliant barcode the data to be encoded must meet this criteria:

                            •  the data to be encoded must start with a leading FNC1 character
                            • The GS1 Application Identifiers (AI) are used for all data
                            • only ascii characters are used.

                            How to achieve this using our Datamatrix component?

                            • use ~1 to encode the FNC1 in the first position
                            • use ~1 as field separator for variable length AI elements.
                            • use ascii encoding

                            For example, if you want to encode these two elements

                            1. Application identifier 10 (Batch or Lot number) and value ABCD1234
                            2. Application identifier 410 (Ship To - Deliver To) and value 9501101020917

                            you would use in our Java component this code:

                            		RDataMatrix rdatamatrix = new RDataMatrix();
                            		rdatamatrix.setSize(300, 300);
                            		rdatamatrix.code = "~110ABCD1234~14109501101020917";
                            		rdatamatrix.barType = RDataMatrix.DATAMATRIX;
                            		rdatamatrix.dotPixels = 3;
                            		rdatamatrix.encoding = RDataMatrix.E_ASCII;

                            note the value to be encoded is ~110ABCD1234~14109501101020917. The value starts with ~1 and it contains another ~1 as field separator because the AI 10 is a variable length filed.

                            You can download our Datamatrix evaluation version here.