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                          J4L Chart 2.1 for Ruby
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                          You can download here J4L-Chart for Ruby

                          This includes the complete software, you can use it for personal use. In case of commercial uses you have to acquire a license.

                          Users holding a commercial license can request support an java4lessATconfluencia.net



                          J4L Charts requires RMagick. We have developed and tested with Ruby 1.8.6 and RMagick 2.12.0 on Windows and Linux, but it should work with other versions and platforms also.

                          Installation and demo run

                          Proceed as follows to test our demo application.

                          1. Unzip our file to an empty directory
                          2. install our gem by running: 

                            gem install J4LChart-2.1.gem

                            the ouput should be:

                            Successfully installed J4LChart-2.1
                            1 gem installed
                            Installing ri documentation for J4LChart-2.1...
                            Installing RDoc documentation for J4LChart-2.1...

                          3. run now our sample application with

                            ruby main.rb

                            the output should be:

                            CHART API EXAMPLES

                            creating min/max chart
                            creating barchart 3D
                            creating linechart 3D
                            creating bubblechart
                            creating piechart
                            creating piechart 3D
                            creating barchart

                            CHART LOADER EXAMPLES

                            creating stacked axis chart
                            creating combined chart
                            creating horiz. bars chart
                          4. Once the execution has finished you will see all created charts (png files) in the working directory