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Windows and Web

RChart in windows applications 

RChart includes a class called ChartControl which is a subclass of Control. It can therefore be added to your panels or forms.

The control can display tips and scroll bars if required. Furthermore it can trigger actions when the user clicks on the points or bars of the chart.

The control can also be automatically refresh every 2 seconds (configurable) in order to create realtime updated charts.


RChart in Web Applications 

RChart can also be used on a web server. It includes 3 classes:

  • ChartWebControl, which creates a chart image (e.g. gif or jpeg).
  • ChartMapWebControl, which creates a HTML map for the chart image. This allows you to add tips and action to your web charts.
  • The Chart class can be used in aspx forms to create images on the fly. It is also has a getHTMLImageMap() method to be used in web pages.

Of course your aspx pages can also access the API directly. See AspXExample subdirectory of the evaluation version.

Charts in web pages also support tips, action, drill down and real time updates, just like windows applications. See AspXExamples2_1 subdirectory of the evaluation version.