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                          • Introduction

                            RChart for .NET is an assembly developed in c# which can create several types of Charts. It includes a windows control and a web control for use in windows and web applications.

                            The assembly can be used with c# , vb.net or any other .NET language. There is also a version for the .NET Compact Framework (windows CE 5.0 and windows mobile 6.5.).

                            RChart 2 has undergone a major redesign and now provides new features including the label definition language, target zones, multiple axis, improved interactive features and examples.

                            The following list gives you an overview of the benefits of using RChart:

                            • Powerful: Many configuration (new markup language for labels) and interactive features and charts.
                            • Flexible: It can be used in many scenarios, as control in windows application or in aspx pages in web applications.
                            • Low risk: Source code is available and the license agreement is not restrictive.
                            • Low investment: Very reasonable prices starting at about 27 Euros (about 35 USD).