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                                RChart 2.1
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                                Click on the link below to download the evaluation version of RChart:

                                Download it now (see the readme.txt file)

                                The zip file contains the following items:

                                • Swing and AWT sample application
                                • SWT sample application
                                • JSP (and servlet) sample application with installation directions for Tomcat
                                • JSP Tag library
                                • FOP example
                                • SVG example
                                • J2ME subdirectory: contains the required files to run RChart in the Java 2 Micro Edition platform (MIDP and LWUIT)
                                • Android subdirectory: contains demo application and the required files to run RChart in the Android platform
                                • Applet examples
                                • RChart Visual Builder
                                • User Guide
                                • Javadoc files
                                • Source code of the examples

                                Note: The evaluation version displays a "demo" text in the chart's legend and can plot a maximum of 10 values.

                                Note about the SWT sample application:

                                Proceed in the following way:

                                • unzip the file in an empty directory (make sure you extract the subdirectories also)
                                • edit the file examples_swt/run.bat and change the following two lines:

                                  SET SWT_JAR=C:\java\swt\org.eclipse.swt.win32_3.0.0\ws\win32\swt.jar
                                  SET SWT_LIB=C:\java\swt\org.eclipse.swt.win32_3.0.0\os\win32\x86

                                  They must point to the correct SWT installation directory in your computer.

                                • start the SWT sample application with examples_swt/run.bat.