RChart 1.14 - Charts for the Java[TM] platform

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Add charts to your Java[TM] application or website (can be used with ASP, Php, JSP[TM] ...). RChart is the most popular of our products due to the fact that it is very simple but powerfull and usefull product. 

With RChart you can: 

  • create your charts and save time using this tool: RChart Visual Builder. (see screenshot and download)
  • dramatically speed up the applet download time using the tool MiniChart. (learn more about MiniChart)
  • create more than 18 different types of charts and combine them:
- Linechart
- Areachart 

- Piechart

- Max.Min chart

- OHLC Chart

- Bubblechart 

- Down-drill (pies and bars) 
- Barchart
- Columnchart

- Stacked barchart

- Candlestick chart

- Scatter chart

- Radarchart 

- Event chart
- Curve chart (interpolation)
- B-Splines (approximation) 

- Least Squares Lines

- Piechart 3D

- Linechart 3D

- Barchart 3D

- Circular Gauge

... Combinations of them ....

  • you can configure almost anything in the chart: fonts, color, line styles, fill styles, sizes, layout, etc ...
  • Some advanced features are:
- Export to gif , jpg, png.
- Read chart from URL

- JDBC[TM] Data population
- JavaScript integration

- Zoom and scroll

- line with width and style

- tips

- automatic scales/ticks

- Two Y Axis
- Vertical labels

- Source code
- Logarithmic scale

- ready to use Servlet 

- automatic date labels 

- click on objects and trigger events
- Transparent fillings (for the Java[TM] platform 1.2 or later)

- non continuous lines (null values)
- background images and points

- grids

- Listener for interactive charts

- Position of legend

- Servlet can create image Maps

- realtime features (updatable chart)

- X scale on top

... and more....

  • you can trigger javascript events (or open html pages) when the user clicks on a point or bar.
  • it can be used in different ways:
- As java.awt.Canvas object in your Java applications
- As Applet in your Web/ASP/Php .. applications

- As Servlet in your Web/JSP[TM] applications

- As JPanel in your Swing applications.
  • compatible with old browsers. It runs on Java[TM] Platform 1.1 or later
  • Click here to see some screenshots.
  • Some users of RChart

- Sun Microsystems
Deutsche Bank
- BMW Manufacturing

- Yahoo! Inc.

- Alcatel

- Fedex Servcies
- Swisscom AG

- Texas Instruments

- Compaq International

- Hewlett Packard
- Oracle Corp.
- Siemens AG

- Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

- Arthur Andersen

... and many more....
  • What our customers say:
- I have been using RChart on our intranet site for over a year. I am consistently impressed with its flexibility. The technical support that I have received is always quick and accurate. RChart is a stable, professional product offered at an outstanding price! (John, xxxxxx@non.agilent.com)

- Might I also note, this is the nicest, easiest and most inexpensive Charting applet I have seen. 
Thanks again, (Steve Warriner, XXX@amdocs.com)

- Your product is worth the money. (Scott, XXX@opensystems.com)

- I'm charmed of your quick answers and the good looking applet. Keep up the fantastic work.(XXX@smile-software.nl)

- We had a look at your product and it knocks the socks of a few apps that cost a lot more $ You really have a great product. (XXX@OPENWARE.CO.ZA)

  • some received awards:

Reasons to use RChart
Price and service
You get RChart at very reasonable fees (starting at $24). The price includes license, documentation, examples, on-line tutorial and 6 months updates and fast email Support.
Low requirements
RChart will work with the Java[TM] platform 1.1 or later.
RChart can be used as applet, as servlet or as bean. The applet can be used also with ASP, Php or any server side language.
Includes more than 18 types of charts and interactive features also working as servlet. Futhermore it can read data from database.
Easy of use

If you create your charts with RChart Visual Builder you don't have to learn complicated API's. You can even create charts without programming.

Non restricitive license agreement.
You can use the software together with your application in any way you like. You can merge it , you can combine it, link it .... compare it with Open Source licenses.
Source code
It is available and can be modified without restriction. We only ask you not to give the source code away.


RChart Visual Builder 

This tool will speed up your development process. The tool can be used to generate definition files that can be read by RChart's servlet, applet or in your Java[TM] application.

Visual Builder can help you in several ways:

  • you will not have to learn parameter names
  • since you don't have to type parameter names you will not  mistype them and will save errors.
  • you will be able to easily change parameters and see the result with only 1 click.
  • you will have an overview of all availlable parameters


RChart as Applet 

Applets are small Java[TM] programs that are downloaded from a web server and run in the browser. The advantage of using RChart as applet is that you server does not have to futhfill any requirements. You can use the applet together with your normal server-side programming language: ASP, Php  , JSP[TM] .... and with any web server.

Furthermore the applet will allow you to use features like zoom and scroll.

The critical point the download time since applets are programs that must be downloaded from the server to the browser. The normal size of Rchart compiled into a zip or jar file is about 70k. 


In order to speed up the download process we have introduced MiniChart.  This is a tool that will minimize the size of the applet. This is achieved by recompiling the source code of RChart and including only those features you are going to use

By means of MiniChart you can achieve applets as small as 32K (for a pie or radar chart),  the final size will depend on how many features you require. The size of minichart for line or bar charts range from 40k to 50k.

Note: Minichart is delivered with RChart Premium edition only since it requires the source code.


RChart as Servlet 

Servlets are Java[TM] programs that run in a web server and send the results (e.g. chart image) to the browser. The benefits of using RChart as servlet is that you don't have to download any program to the browser and your users do not need a Java[TM] enabled browser, however you will need a Java[TM] enabled server.

RChart's servlet can create JPG,PNG .. images for your charts and also image maps, in this way you will enjoy interactive features like "tips" and "links" when running RChart as servlet..

The servlet and the application can use JDBC[TM] drivers in order to retrieve the data from a datatase.


RChart in your Java[TM] applications

The class Chart is a subclass of java.awt.Canvas,  you can therefore add it to any container. The evaluation version includes a sample application (file app.java) that will show you how to use RChart's API.

The class JChartBean is a subclass of JPanel and you can use it also in any Swing application.

If you are a Java[TM] programmer you can use RChart in 2 ways:

  • you can use RChart Visual Builder to create a chart definition file. After that, you can load the chart in your Java[TM] application by means of the chartLoader class (see Javadoc[TM] files).
  • and/or you can create you charts from scratch using RChart's API like in the sample application (app.java).

RChart as Bean

The class JChartBean is a bean you can use with your development environment and your jsp pages. The bean imports the chart definition you have created with RChart Visual Builder.