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                        RBarcode Vision

                        J4L Barcode Vision for .NET

                        Copyright J4L (http://www.java4less.com) 2010


                        J4L Barcode Vision for.NET is an assembly which can read (scan) barcodes images. It support the following features:

                        • Finding all barcodes in large images (for example in a scanned page or document)
                        • Barcodes can have any orientation (vertical, horizontal, rotated)
                        • Supported barcode symbologies are: EAN13, EAN8, CODE128/EAN128, CODE39 (and extended) , INTERLEAVED 25, IDENTCODE, UPCA , UPCE .... (more can be devoloped on demand)

                        The requirements are:

                        • .NET 1.0, 1.1 , 2.0 , 3.5 or 4.0

                        Know limitations are:

                        • Best result are achieved with black barcodes on white background.
                        • Shadowed or blurred barcodes can be unreadable.
                        • Bars should not touch each other nor the text below the barcode.




                        In order to use the component you only need to add rvision*.dll to your project.



                        The delivered ZIP file includes a sample applicaion (Sample*.exe) that scans all images in the "images" subdirectory and displays the result in the standard output (MSDOS console).

                        The use of the component is very simple. You must follow these steps:

                        1. Create a Barcode1DReader instance:

                          Barcode1DReader reader=new Barcode1DReader();

                        2. Set the symbologies you expect to find in the image:

                          // we will be looking for code 128 and code 39 barcodes
                          reader.setSymbologies(Barcode1DReader.CODE39 | Barcode1DReader.CODE128);

                        3. Load your image into an Image class (format must be PixelFormat.Format24bppRgb). The application Sample.cs includes a method called loadImage() you can use for this purpose.

                          Image image=loadImage("myFile.gif"); // see loadImage method in Sample.cs

                        4. Create a RImage instance and call the scan() method of the Barcode1DReader

                          BarcodeData[] barcodes=reader.scan(new RImage(im));

                        5. Read the result. The BarcodeData objects contain the following information: Symbology (type of barcode), Value ( of the barcode) and position ( x , y).

                          If no barcode has been found the array returned by scan() will be empty.