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Companies and private persons in all 5 continents are already using our components.

Sun Microsystems , SAP, Bank of America,ORACLE, British Airways, Telefónica, Compaq, Texas Instruments, EDS, BOSS International, Bancoval, FedEx Services, Sodke & Associates, Australis Technologies, CARTAIX S.A, Just Linux, Origen Technology Limited, Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology, CIO Capital Management.....

These are some comments from our customers:

Thanks for the applet. It's really good. I spent ALL of yesterday looking for scripts. Your's is really nice.
Thanks. (XXX@funkymonk.com)

Very good job for very simple yet superb products....keep on the good work!
Ahmad Eid Elhaddad (XXX@uaeu.ac.ae)

I'm charmed of your quick answers and the good looking applet.
Keep up the fantastic work. (XXX@smile-software.nl)