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J4L RChart 2.2 (Android Edition)
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  • Linechart with scroll and 2 different line styles


  • Linechart with 3 types of curves: B-SPLines, cubic curves and least square line.


  • Curve charts with a note


  • Scattercharts with user defined icons for the points


  • linechart with missing (null) values in the sequence


  • 3D linechart


  • linecharts with clipping (one value outside the plot area)


  • Linecharts with background grid and target zones


  • area chart with a background pattern (image)


  • Bubblechart


  • Candlestick


Combined charts


  • Combined lines and bars with a left and right axis and with date based X axis.


  • Combination of lines and bars


  • Stacked axis (two charts stacked vertically and sharing the same X axis)


  • Multiaxis (4 charts in one)




  • 3D barcharts (updated automatically every 2 seconds)


  • Barchart with several colors (each bar can have a different color)


  • Horizontal barchart with axis on top and tips on the bars.


  • barcharts with images


  • Event charts


  • Stacked barcharts


  • barcharts with 2 axis


Circular charts


  • 3D piecharts


  • piechart


  • radarchart


  • gaugechart