Dear customer,

As you probably already read in our site our policy since 1999 has been to include the source code of the software we sell for a very reasonable price, and this is the way we want to keep it. This however can be used by some people to get our source code, make some slight modifications and sell it under another name.

If you find there is another company or person selling a very similar software as the one we sell, rest assured we are the original developers of all software we sell. It is very easy to check this:

Note, our original products can be purchase only at and, the only company which has been explicitely authorized by us to sell a modified version of our components under a different name is

You can easily recognize unauthorized copies of our software because:

It is at the end up to you to decide who you buy the software from but here we provide some hints to check the integrity of a software seller:

  1. does the software seller provide a "about us" link including name, address, country and telephone number? or they want to be anonymous?
  2. do not believe everything they write in their web sites, check the domain name at to see who is behind a given web site. You can here find out who is actually selling the software, where he is located and how long they have been in business.
  3. check the history of the seller's web site here Some companies claim to be 5 years in business but you can see at this site if it is true.
  4. does the software seller has his own shop? or is he using third party resellers to be anonymous?
  5. make a "google" search for the software seller. How many entries do they have? what do other people tell about them?

J4L Team