RSms/Ucp 1.0 - Java [TM] Sms component

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This Java[TM] component will allow your Java[TM] applications to send Sms messages using the UCP protocol.

The component can deliver the messages to a SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) using:

  • a dial up connection (requires an analog Modem and a telephone line)
  • or using a tcp/ip connection (an internet connection)


How does it work? You must create an adapter (modem or tcp/ip), an instance of SmsSender and then execute the createSMS and SendMessage() method as in the example.

The following is a simple example:

// create adapter object
Modem modem= new Modem();
modem.dataBits=SerialPort.DATABITS_8; // do not forget to check if the SMSC uses 7 or 8 bits

// open port , initialize and connect
if (modem.openPort()) {
if (modem.initializeModem())

if (modem.dial("900900900")) {

// send the sms now using the Modem adapter
SmsSender sender=new SmsSender(modem);

// close connection



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