RFax 1.2 - Java [TM] platform fax component

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Now you can send and receive faxes from your Java[TM] platform application. RFax is a Java[TM] platform component that will do this job for you with only a few lines of code. 

RFax requires: 

The benefits of RFax are. 
  • You can send and receive faxes to / from any Group 3 fax machine. There are millions of them worldwide.
  • You don't have to worry about the details of modem/fax communications.
  • You don't have to encode the data in any special format. RFax will convert your images to fax data acocording to the T.4 specification.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • You can render your own pages or your can use our standard renderers for Text, HTML or PDF ( see our RFax FAQ's if you need to fax PDF files).
How does it work? You must create one or more Image objects and implement the faxProducer interface, RFax will encode your image in fax format ( T.4 specification) scaling and/or centering the image if required. Finally you just call the sendFax() method on the faxModem class.. 

The following is a simple example:

// create fax producer
producer p=new faxTextProducer();
p.text=this.txt.getText("Hello, \n\n this is a fax sent with RFax\n\nregards\n\nJ4L");
p.pageImage=new BufferedImage(800,1290,BufferedImage.INT_RGB);

  // setup modem
 faxModem m=new faxModem();

 m.open(p); // send
if (m.sendFax("123456789")) System.out.println("Success ***");
else System.out.println("Failure: " + m.lastError);




Thanks !! Our problem got resolved with your solution. Your support team has been outstanding. The response has always been very quick . We are using your product to do over 400 Faxes in a day.

Thanks Ashish Khanduja


I was very excited to discover your RFax product - I had been looking for a week or so and people were telling me no such thing existed!

Nick Duddy
IS Manager

Download evaluation version

  • Download version 1.2 (can send and receive faxes). Received faxes are stored as TIFF files

please note our FAQ's and troubleshooting section for RFax.



Steps for registering RFax:

  1. Test RFax with your modem using the evaluation version.
  2. Read the license agreement.
  3. Select appropiate link below:
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